Scott Davis

Thank you for visiting my website. Some of you have attended my program on North American bears. If you are planning on attending a preview of the program is featured in the North American Bears gallery.

The primary goal of this program is to educate people about bear behavior. Although safety is always important, each year there are countless times people come in close proximity of bears and nothing happens. Most people have a fear of bears and this fear is not supported by the evidence that bears are dangerous. If a bear has been conditioned to human food, pet food, birdseed, or garbage, its behavior cannot be predicted. With some of this knowledge we can reduce the number of what we call problem bears. Once a bear discovers a food source it will keep coming back; they don't forget.
Anyone interested in bears and others such as Educators, Park Rangers, Naturalists will find the program helpful in teaching others about this magnificent animal.

For more information about the program please contact me by clicking the Contact link in the menu above.

Scott Davis
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